Top 20 NuGet filter Packages

Sirve para filtrar tablas
A set of extensions methods to help working with nullable types by implementing the Maybe monad on top of `T?`. Documentation: Release notes: Add new `Else()` extension.
Generic Search, Sorting, and Pagination functionality for ASP.NET Core 3.1
A package for filtering queries or arrays.
Component for creating advanced value filters
Extensions for Serilog configuration
A base library to implement the pipes and filters pattern in .NET using the async paradigm.
C# code to calculate the coefficients of the Butterworth filter and to filter the data This code calculates the coefficients of the Band-pass, Band-stop, Low-pass and High-pass Butterworth filters. It also filters the data, but no zero-phase delay is applied. The namespace is IIR_Butterworth_CS_Lib...
Model based filtering expressions
Authorize filter part is a part of package
Library for generic linq filtering
Advanced data structures for .NET