Top 20 NuGet filter Packages

Isolate is a jQuery plugin that provides faceted isolation and filtering of lists with programmatic scaffolding support for Bootstrap 3, 4, or the Isolate grid.
Image Processor effects library
Datagrid component for Entity Framework This component is used for dynamic generation of tables with search / sort / pagination. All select used in this component will always make ONLY three queries to the database, 2 counts (total / filtered) and the select that will retrieve the data ALREADY paged...
Toolkit for ASP.NET Web API. Provides loggers, exception handlers, attributes and interfaces.
Library to make generic object checks, it's primarily used to make a check if someone else has saved the item you're about to save while you had the object open.
A flexible and easy to use .NET library that simplifies matching of values as well as filtering.
Akka.Interfaced SlimServer Base Library
Provides filter, pagination and ordination to grids. Using Razor Views with only foreach statements. highly performative and easy to configure. Compatible with ORM like Entity Framework.
Adds Filters to Swashbuckle to enlighten AutoRest integration
It enables you to make dynamic filtered, sorted and paged IQueryables easily with .Filter() Extension Method. check out "Project Site" on Github for more details.
Math.NET Filtering, providing methods and algorithms for signal processing and filtering in science, engineering and every day use. Supports .Net Framework 4.0 or higher and .Net Standard 1.3 or higher, on Windows, Linux and Mac. This package contains strong-named assemblies for legacy use cases (no...
DistillNET is a library for matching and filtering HTTP requests URLs using the Adblock Plus Filter format.
Configure sourcecontext specific log levels for serilog
A collection of online digital filters for Digital Signal Processing (DSP).
jQuery plugin that uses an intuitive expression building UI to generate OData query strings
DspSharpAsio - ASIO Support for DspSharp
An core action filter library for maintenance message handling.
Repository project that use Entity Framework and Dynamic Linq to provide useful methods for read and write entities with filter, pagination and ordination.