Top 20 NuGet fake Packages

Fake RabbitMQ implementation written in .NET Standard. Based off of RabbitMQ.Fakes (
Prig(PRototyping jIG) is a framework that generates a Test Double like Microsoft Fakes/Typemock Isolator/Telerik JustMock based on Unmanaged Profiler APIs. This framework enables that any methods are replaced with mocks. For example, a static property, a private method, a non-virtual member and so o...
Unity3D tasks for FAKE
a library to generate fake data for test, such as name, email, phone, number and so on.
Small and simple abstraction around System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient that allows for mocking
Tiny data records that create fake Recordset and DataReader for test
A fakeable http client. Allows unit tests to intercept requests and replace them with pre-configured responses. This is useful for stubbing out external services.
Fake implementations of base classes in System.Web for unit tests
CSBuild is a .NET library which helps create build scripts with normal .NET console applications.
Package Description
.Net library that generates fake data and loads it into e.g. a database.
A tool for mocking a MS CRM instance when unit testing
Chet is a simple, minimal, mocking framework for .NET Core 2.0.
Package Description
Tool that allows you to extend the capabilities of Microsoft.AspNetCore.TestHost.TestServer, allowing you to run more comprehensive + deterministic tests by: - intercepting Http calls, returning mock responses - asserting outgoing Http calls - recording outgoing Http calls (requests and responses), ...