Top 20 NuGet fake Packages

framework for faking external web services for acceptance tests
A library for automating Windows applications that are based on WPF. Use for creating an automated test suite that drives your application through its user interface.
Fake Entity Generator for Unit test under ASP.MVC. Generator creating an entity with a filled it properties (primitive types) data.
Moksy is an open source .Net library for stubbing, mocking and simulating web services. Intended to be driven from MsTest (or your favorite testing framework), Moksy will create a real HTTP Server end-point that your system under test or other services can hit. For example: Moksy.Common.Proxy p...
Simple persons generator. You can open issue or contribute to
A fake implementation of HttpResponseBase
Xamarin based mocking framework that really helps to isolate dependencies in your mobile unit tests.
FAKE.GitBook is FAKE extension for GitBook.
Usado para criar dados falsos para nossa aplicação. É possível criar dados falsos para. - Address - Company - CreditCard - Education - GeoLocation - Internet - Lorem - Name - PhoneNumber - etc
A package to emulate SharePoint CSOM.
netDumbster.Sample contains a runnable unit test for evaluate purpoes of the .Net Fake SMTP Server netDumbster is a .Net Fake SMTP Server clone of the popular Dumbster ( netDumbster is based on the API of nDumbster (
Auto Faking constructors for IoC injection.
Auto Faking for IoC (for writing tests).
FAKE.Persimmon is FAKE extension for Persimmon.
This package provides FAKE helpers that allows to reliably publish your app to Azure WebApps using just a FAKE scripts.
Fake RabbitMQ implementation for usage in testing
Destination for FakerOfData which serializes fake data to a TextWriter.
Destination for FakerOfData which loads fake data to database using the Simple.Data library
This package contains random value generators which are not considered core functionality.
MongoDB.Fake is an in-memory implementation of IMongoClient, IMongoDatabase and IMongoCollection for unit test purposes.