Top 20 NuGet entity Packages

SharpRepository generic repository implementation for Entity Framework 1.1 and 2
An extension for EntityFrameworkCore that provides Auditing, Concurrency Checks, JSON Complex Types and writing history to Transaction Log.
The Telerik.DataAccess.Core NuGet package provides the Telerik Data Access runtime assemblies necessary to consume Telerik Data Access persistent objects, without defining any mapping. If this project contains persistent classes and defines mapping, the Telerik.DataAccess.Fluent NuGet package is re...
Beetle Mvc 5 Entity Framework 6 sample Todo project.
This NuGet package is for ODP.NET, Managed Driver applications that use Code First and/or Entity Framework 6 applications. It will add the Oracle Entity Framework assembly and auto-configure for its use. Note that this package does not include ODP.NET, Managed Driver which is available as a separate...
Entity Framework 6 library.
EFRepository allows you to use a LINQ-Enabled version of the Repository Pattern for Entity Framework
Library to run business logic when using Entity Framework Core for database accesses
For users of CodexFramework V1.0, this package offers a way to change less code when migrating to use CodexMicroORM as a replacement framework.
Configure LazyEntityGraph with Entity Framework Core
Package containing generic database access technology using Entity Framework
Inscribe's logging provider for Entity Framework Core. Useful for logging application errors in a database.
Inscribe's logging provider for emailing. Useful for sending out messages for critical application errors.
Logging provider abstraction for .NET's logging API.
Simple Stupid Redux Store using Reactive Extensions
A library to handle Adom Ultimate style templates for game entities. Designed to create DefaultEcs entities from JSON templates.
Executing IQueryable list objects server side in Entity Framework for Datatables request.
NetTopologySuite support for the Teradata Entity Framework Core Provider.