Top 20 NuGet dotnet-standard Packages

AWS Secrets Manager configuration provider implementation for Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.
Classes and extension methods to make easier to work with JSON APIs via HttpClient
A client library for accessing FileMaker databases using the FileMaker Data API (RESTful API) in FileMaker Server.
A .net configuration library to make configuration of multi-target applications easier
Discore is a light-weight .NET library for creating Discord bots. Please note: Discore is not an official Discord client library!
A .NET Client library for accessing data stored in FileMaker databases using FileMaker Server APIs.
A library that wraps the Cisco Meraki Dashboard API, providing a mockable, strongly-typed interface.
.Net and .Net Standart coin gecko async client for newest Min-API
Middleware injected into ASP.NET Core pipeline at startup.
Classes and extension methods to make easier to work with REST APIs via HttpClient
This package contains the full-stack build for
Entity Framework (EF) Core Cacheable is a high performance second level query cache extention library, for the popular Entity Framework data access technology. It provides caching functionality for all types of query results. Based on expression tree and parameters, the context decide rather to exec...
Smdn.dll, fundamental utility and extension library
Engine for Nybus based on RabbitMQ.
An async-based CryptoCompare API client library for .NET and .NET Core
RestClient is a library for .net that can help you to consume REST services.
Contains several templates to be used with dotnet-new
Nybus is an application framework that allows you to build message-based applications.
A lightweight development kit built to help developing applications using .NET Standard.
A zero latency, thread-safe logger that writes to files and / or a database.