Top 20 NuGet dotnet-core Packages

Provides modern cryptographic algorithm implementations for .NET Core based on libsodium. Commonly Used Types: NSec.Cryptography.Aes256Gcm NSec.Cryptography.Blake2b NSec.Cryptography.Chacha20Poly1305 NSec.Cryptography.Ed25519 NSec.Cryptography.HkdfSha256 NSec.Cryptography.X25519
Entity Framework (EF) Core Cacheable is a high performance second level query cache extention library, for the popular Entity Framework data access technology. It provides caching functionality for all types of query results. Based on expression tree and parameters, the context decide rather to exec...
An async-based CryptoCompare API client library for .NET and .NET Core
C# NETCore ToolBox Library [for Win and Mac]
Middleware injected into ASP.NET Core pipeline at startup.
Assortment of various common types and utilities for Emzi0767's projects.
Use Razor to build your templates from strings / files / EmbeddedResources outside of ASP.NET MVC for .NET Core
Smdn.dll, fundamental utility and extension library
C# NETCore Console Library [for Win, Mac and Linux]
A Paseto (Platform-Agnostic Security Tokens) implementation for .NET
A managed-only cryptography library for .NET which provides modern cryptographic primitives.
A library that wraps the Cisco Meraki Dashboard API, providing a mockable, strongly-typed interface.
SmartSql = MyBatis + Cache(Memory | Redis) + ZooKeeper + R/W Splitting +Dynamic Repository ....
Cryptography library for Paseto.Core
MIME message and e-mail library
.Net and .Net Standart Crypto Compare async client for newest Min-API
SmartSql = MyBatis + Cache(Memory | Redis) + ZooKeeper + R/W Splitting +Dynamic Repository ....
POP3 client library
IMAP4rev1 client library
.Net and .Net Standart coin gecko async client for newest Min-API