Top 20 NuGet dotnet-core Packages

A .NET Core global tool to call user-defined C# command to execute some operations through .NET CLI.
A library that wraps the Cisco Meraki Dashboard API, providing a mockable, strongly-typed interface.
Package Description
The Swiss army knife, or pragmatic ninja toolbelt, for dotnet core helpers. Pure 100% managed C# code, with as little dependencies as possible.
SmartSql = MyBatis + Cache(Memory | Redis) + ZooKeeper + R/W Splitting + ......
This project implements an efficient middleware based way to implement workers with a strong focus on Azure App Services.
Cryptography library for Paseto.Core
Tools for working with Serilog logging
.Net and .Net Standart Crypto Compare async client for newest Min-API
Real-time business metrics for .NET.
Smdn.dll, fundamental utility and extension library
$ dotnet new -i Genocs.CleanArchitecture:0.1.0 $ dotnet new cleanarchitecture It generates a .NET Solution following the Clean Architecture Style, DDD and Separation of Concerns in Domain, Application, Infrastructure and UI.
$ dotnet new -i Genocs.MicroserviceTemplate::0.1.0 $ dotnet new microservice It generates a .NET Solution with full fledged microservice components.
integrate cron task schedule for aspnetcore applications.