Top 20 NuGet dotnet Packages

A shared UI library that DIPS use and maintain for their mobile applications. The library contains different components that can be used by any Xamarin.Forms app. The visual parts of the library is created in collaboration with our internal UX team.
OPC UA Complex Types Client Class Library
A modern, feature-rich and highly tunable C# client library for Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise
A zero boilerplate Redux/Flux framework for Blazor
A zero boilerplate Redux/Flux framework for DotNet
The NUnit3 TestAdapter for Visual Studio, all versions from 2012 and onwards, and DotNet (incl. .Net core). Note that this package ONLY contains the adapter, not the NUnit framework. For VS 2017 and forward, you should add this package to every test project in your solution. (Ea...
This package contains the OPC UA reference implementation and is targeting the .NET Standard Library.
This is a native .NET port of Google Snappy compression/decompression library. The only implementation that is stable, fast, up to date with latest Snappy improvements, and most importantly does not depend on native Snappy binaries. Works everywhere .NET Core runs.
Stashbox is a lightweight, fast and portable dependency injection framework for .NET based solutions.
A cross platform build and deployment automation system for building projects and executing deployment scripts using C# code. Documentation can be found at: Detailed examples can be found at:
J2N is a library that helps bridge the gap between .NET and Java. It provides components to assist with porting Java code to .NET, such as collections, adapters, and extensions. It contains some features from Java that also make it generally useful in any .NET application.
Syncfusion Blazor Components are built from the ground up to be lightweight, responsive, modular, and touch-friendly. It includes over 60 components, including grid, chart, scheduler, barcode generator, listbox, file manager, powerpoint or presentation, excel and much more. Components Included: GRI...
Abot is an open source C# web crawler built for speed and flexibility. It takes care of the low level plumbing (multithreading, http requests, scheduling, link parsing, etc..). You just register for events to process the page data. You can also plugin your own implementations of core interfaces to t...
This is a .NETStandard / .NET Core port of the the Microsoft assembly for the .Net 4.0 Dynamic language functionality.
OPC UA Core Class Library
Pure managed .NET library to read and write Apache Parquet files, targeting .NET Standand 1.4 and up. Linux, Windows and Mac are first class citizens, but also works everywhere .NET is running (Android, iOS, IOT). Has zero dependencies on thrid-party libraries or any native code. Provides ...
CometD C# implementation of Bayeux protocal. This is port of the Java CometD implementation.
Event Bus for Salesforce Platform events.
This package contains the OPC UA reference implementation debug version and is targeting the .NET Standard Library.
Reads text content from PDF documents and supports document creation. Apache 2.0 licensed.