Top 20 NuGet documentation Packages

Documentation for FubuValidation.Docs
Documentation for FubuMVC.Docs
Frictionless documentation tooling
Documentation for FubuLocalization.Docs
A simple documentation generation library to help you make documentation how you want it.
Provides a fluent interface for documenting code.
Documentation Module and Handler, DocMAH, is a full-service documentation tool for .NET web applications. DocMAH integrates directly with your application so that you can create both page-level help popups that can be toggled on or off and comprehensive, CHM-like documentation pages. Not onl...
Simple .Net library for auto-generating HTML-documentation for REST API on the basis of attributes in the source code
This package allows you to deploy the Sandcastle Help File Builder tools inside of a project to build help files without installing the tools manually such as on a build server. Some limitations apply. You will also need to install the reflection data set packages that you need for your projects.
NDocUtil injects and keeps up-to-date C# and console snippets in your documentation and presentations.
Owin middleware to document other Owin middleware
The generate API documentation infrastructure for Asp.Net Core - a API toolchain for ASP.NET Core.
A swagger style UI for Love.Net.Help - a API toolchain for ASP.NET Core.
Middleware to expose an embedded version of the swagger-ui from an ASP.NET Core application
Csharp to markdown auto-generated documentation.
An unobtrusive extension to FluentValidations for documenting validation rules.
Middleware to expose Swagger JSON endpoints from API's built on ASP.NET Core
A command-line tool that postprocesses XML documents and replaces <inheritdoc/> elements with actual comments.
Tools for genearting API documentiation using OpenApi/Swagger specifications
Allows to get the name of a type or a member that corresponds to the XML documentation convention.