Top 20 NuGet documentation Packages

This package provides support for adding features to the Sandcastle Help File Builder project. In particular, the tools enable what follows. * Adding LaTeX content to SHFB documentation files. * Managing images in SHFB Reference topics. * Setting lists of keywords to be colorized in code examples.
api and ef model documentation
Core components for Swashbuckle - a Swagger toolchain for ASP.NET Core
A Cake addin to generate HTML documentation from Markdown source, using DocCreator
A simple documentation generation library to help you make documentation how you want it.
Copy Xml Documentation Comments from interfaces to implementations with this magical build task.
Extensions for Microsoft ASP.NET Web API Help Pages Features: * Show controllers and methods using Authorize attribute on documentation page * Properly support common xml documentation tags Please note that this package is not affiliated with Microsoft in any way.
Build action that transforms text files using pandoc. Transform markdown, LaTeX or docx to HTML or PDF during build. This project is just a wrapper around the awesome pandoc tool. See for all the formats and options.
Write test cases for BDD, generate the documentation running your tests and keep it tied to your code.
This utility has to be used only where BDDoc NuGet package is used. BDDocGenerator generates the HTML documentation by parsing the bddoc files (BDDoc generates those files as output).
Provides a fluent interface for documenting code.
Dextem is a Portable Class Library that converts Visual Studio XML Documentation into GitHub Flavored Markdown.
xdoc tool to generate documentations for open source .NET projects
Contains standard attributes for improving documentation quality. Also contains tools for writing custom attributes and processors
Documentation publisher for .NET Web API projects
Roslyn analyzer for checking WebApi response type documentation accuracy
Contains the documentation file for Remotion.TypePipe.
Optimizes your xml documentation for intellisense by stripping out internal documentation and remarks.
A toolchain for ASP.NET Core to automatically generating API documentation.
A toolchain for ASP.NET Core to automatically generating API documentation.