Top 20 NuGet discord Packages

Easy to use framework for Discord Botting
An optional UDP client provider for Discord.Net using System.Net.UdpClient
small GraphQL client api wrapper
A Discord.Net Addon that uses reactions to minimize and maximize message sent by bots, espically large messages. It allows any user to minimize or maximize a message, but only the original command caller can delete it. There is a 5 minute auto delete time with each mesage as well.
This package expands upon Helpful Utilities to provide extensions for the Discord.NET library.
Provides a service for handling non command messages more smoothly
Discord.Net module for command permission management.
A fork of Discord.Addons.Interactive, Adding more functionality including -Inline Reactions -Full Paginater Customization
Package Description
Package Description
An both async and sync API wrapper for the Listcord API
A Service that saves and stores guild specific prefixes for
Makes it easier to create Telegram and Discord bots
A C# lib for getting cute waifus from
Gateway & HTTPS REST API Wrapper for Discord, targeting .NET Standard 2.0
A C# lib for getting cute waifus from
Diskord.NET is a very small library to read Discord's app local storage (db).
Package Description
An extension of Discord.Net.Commands, mainly to get information about your commands as string, ideally to build a help command. Comes with a extension of the CommandService to build a help command easily!