Top 20 NuGet detection Packages

Making it easier to call *All* the Cognitive Services Text Analytics APIs.
Package Description
a .net implementation of com.cybozu.labs.langdetect
Detects MIME type based on file content or file extension
A C# hardware detection library.
Simple and easy to use language detection utility.
Class library for detection of file types by file contents, magic number
Microsoft Kinect gesture detection runtime.
Microsoft Kinect gesture detection runtime.
The official ASP.NET WURFL Cloud API allows you to query the WURFL database without having to host the database in your applications. This is beneficial because it guarantees that your WURFL data are always up to date. In addition, you don’t need to be concerned about distributing and synchronizin...
Text files Unicode Charset Detector With and Without BOM.
Generic, Configurable and Easy to Use Transient Error Handling API. Package contains template implementations of exponential and linear retry logic, block retry functionality and many options to configure retry mechanics.
CLD2 probabilistically detects over 80 languages either plain text or HTML/XML. The design target is web pages of at least 200 characters (about two sentences); CLD2 is not designed to do well on very short text, lists of proper names, part numbers, etc. These 83 languages are detected: Afrikaans ...
Implementation of the Goertzel algorithm for the detection of DTMF tones (aka touch tones) in audio data. Install the package DtmfDetection.NAudio for integration with NAudio. Documentation: Release notes: Refactor wait time estimation of the `BackgroundAnaly...
IP2Proxy .NET Component
Detect browsers using user agent strings in .NET. Inspired by Bowser.
Text Based Social Media Affect Detection
libKeyFinder for .NET (native dependencies)
libKeyFinder for .NET
Anomaly Detection