Top 20 NuGet design Packages

Running Objects is a framework that allows you to use simple OO concepts, focus on your business domain and do not waste time with areas that are not relevant to your application. You will build better software, with less time and with no pain. It’s built on top of ASP.NET MVC using a refined...
At under 5K minified & gzipped HeadJS provides you with: * Asset Loader: Load scripts and stylesheets when you need them. head.load("file1.js" , "file2.js" , function() { done(); }) head.load("file1.css", "file2.css", function() { done(); }) * JavaScript Organizer: Defer execution to the bottom of...
A ServiceStack.Redis-based implementation of the NoSQL abstraction layer
A NoSQL abstraction layer
This library contains a collection of UWP XAML components such as Visual State triggers, Behaviors and value converters that can be used in a variety of UWP applications built by the community.
OpenBrIM information modeling platform library for applications designed for the AEC industry. Using the free cloud-based OpenBrIM platform, you can immediately add modeling, analysis, design, CAD, GIS and health monitoring capabilities to your application.
DSI Platform Entity Framework Core component
Persian Theming WinForms (C# or VB.Net) to Google's Material Design Principles. for more informations:
We are a hybrid event source as a service. You can use a fully indexed and powerful event source that is highly scalable and fast as hell. Or you can use document style data storage to simply persist state. Or you can use both, we're cool like that.
Razor assemblies for the .NET version of Pattern Lab
Library that can generate WPF Forms using decoration tags
Library that can generate WPF Forms using decoration tags
xUnit tests for netfx-Patterns.DomainCommands
The default presentation template for Running Objects that is built on top of Twitter Bootstrap framework.
Stashy is a library aiming to help you with your responsive designs. Inside, you'll find layouts and utilities that might just be useful to you.