Top 20 NuGet dependency Packages

Provides an Autofac module to simplify the registration of components in IoC For MySQL
Provides an extension method for registering SqlRepoEx components in IoC container using Microsoft Dependency Injection (Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection)。SqlRepoEx Provides Lambda Turn to Full SQL statement(Select,Union,Join etc.) 。
Provides an Autofac module to simplify the registration of components in IoC。SqlRepoEx Provides Lambda Turn to Full SQL statement(Select,Union,Join etc.) 。
This is a fork of Daniel Bradley's C# implementation of the Tarjan cycle detection algorithm. ( You can use this library to sort dependencies and even handle cyclic references. e.g. to compile stuff in the right order. I found it to be qu...
Practical dependency injection in Giraffe that gets out of your way
The activator is a simple and fast dependency injection framework. It is based on attributes and does not require any configuration files for configuration. It also supports using static methods as component constructor. This version is not compatible with Assemblies weaved by versions older t...
Checks Dependencies in an xRM solution to the target environment
NsDepCop helps you to eliminate unintended or unnoticed code dependencies in your application. Add the NuGet package to your C# projects and specify the dependency rules in the config.nsdepcop files. The dependency analyzer will be run automatically on every build. See project site for details (http...
A .NET/C# implementation of the mediator pattern with support for queries, commands and events. Has first class support for middleware and mediation contexts. This package provides support for wiring up your handlers and middleware with Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection
Puresharp is a Framework that provides the essential APIs to productively build high quality (.NET 4.5.2+ & .NET Core 2.1+) applications through reliability, scalability and performance without no compromise.
IPuresharp urbanize libraries with strategic private code to lay transparent foundations for Puresharp API .NET
- Added property for path prefix in options - Updated version to match main nuget
Rezolver is a fast IOC framework that lets you work the way you want to. It's easy to use and very extensible.
The Cuemon.Runtime assembly is a member of the Cuemon .NET Core family and provides enhancements to the System.Runtime namespace.
SimpleInjector IoC provider for Incoding Software
Consoleapp with dependency injection
Azure function timer with dependency injection
A Microsoft.Extensions.Hosting IHostBuilder extension for enabling Stashbox to be configured as the default service provider.
dotFramework Core Dependency Injection
Provides name-based registrations to Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection