Top 20 NuGet dependency Packages

It is very light weight Dependency Resolver based on patterns & practices - Unity. It can resolve both MVC Controller and WebApi Controller.
This package provides a starting point that automatically wires up a new dependency injection configuration for Grace using a composition root pattern and injection through either IControllerFactory or IDependencyResolver. You may customize this configuration to allow for replacement of virtually an...
This is a IoC container based on Dependency Injection. As dependencies are controlled with attributes, you do not need any code to register, lookup, or wire object instances. It is self contained by defining attributes in your classes. Configuration can also be externalized with a declarative XML c...
A simple natively implemented service locator for simplifying dependency injection.
.NET Core 3.0 Dependency Injection Framework
Inversion of Control symplify using Simple Injector
All credit goes to the NH team and others (i.e. LinFu) for the code base. This is just a modification of their code to enable constructor DI and emit verifiable code.
Dynamo Ioc Extensions provide features like Lambda Registrations and Scoped resolving. It also adds LazyResolve and GetFactory extensions for resolving.
Grace.NSubstitute provides integration classes between NSubstitute and Grace (Dependency Injection Contaniner)
Grace.NLog provides integration class between NLog and Grace (Dependency Injection Container)
Grace.Net provides feature for the Grace container that only existin in .Net such as scanning loaded assemblies.
Grace.Moq provides integration classes between Moq and Grace (Dependency Injection Container)
Grace.log4net provides integration classes between log4net and Grace (Dependency Injection Container)
Grace.CommonServiceLocator provides integration classes between the Microsoft CommonServiceLocator Pattern and Grace (Dependency Injection Container)
A library to facilitate Dependency Inversion with System.Net.Http
Injects VsixDependency items into the containing VSIX project manifest and VSIX container.
Simple resolver for simple needs. A (tiny) high speed dependency resolver built for Crosser Technologies realtime streaming framework
A common caching interface with support for graphing dependencies.
An MVC3 IDependencyResolver wrapper for the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF).
This packages provides a version of the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) that is lightweight and specifically optimized for high throughput scenarios, such as the web. Supported Platforms: - .NET Framework 4.5 - Windows 8 - Windows Phone 8.1 - Windows Phone Silverlight 8 - Portable Class Libra...