Top 20 NuGet date Packages

A library for Mayan/Gregorian calendar conversions
A jQuery plugin for intelligently selecting date and time ranges, inspired by Google Calendar.
This project is a port from the Java zmanim-project developed by Eliyahu Hershfeld. The Zmanim ("times" referring to the calculations of time that govern the start and end time of Jewish prayers and holidays) project is a .NET API for generating zmanim from within .NET programs. If you are a non pr...
Time-related utility classes that will help in testing apps that rely on dates and times for logic
SQL Server DATEDIFF function support for Entity Framework Core
Miscellaneous utility library package (CPF / CNPJ Validation, Range of Dates, Converters and etc) for .Net Core development
Ce package contient les assemblys satellites en français pour la bibliothèque MilNet.Web.Mvc.DatePicker
Common tools to create date pickers for ASP.NET MVC applications
Enables the usage of NodaTime types with NHibernate
DateTime wrapper for consistent date handling across an application and easy testing
A fluent interface in .NET for working with dates and times, inspired by ActiveSupport's time extensions.
NotAClue Dynamic Data Custom FieldTemplates for Uploading Files, Images, Selecting from a set of images and Ajax Date Picker.
This source-only package provides an abstraction for System.DateTime that is mockable
This library allows its users to perform a variety of useful date functions such as date add and date diff. Unlike the functions built into the .NET framework, the functions provided by the WorkingWeek library base their calculations upon a user-defined working week.
Working with dates and time in .NET works great, but I feel it could be more natural to work with them. new DateTime(2000, 6, 3) is less natural than 3.June(2000), isn't it?
A library for working with intervals and sets. Includes a generic interface so that intervals of any type may be created.
This is a simple class inspired by the class written by Kelsey on StackOverflow ( that returns a relative date similar to what you can see for example on Twitter. I just added a resource file and localized it for Persian language; no more!
Converting Persian date to Gregorian and Islamic date and vice versa in Silverlight applications.
Adds enhanced functionality for parsing, formatting, and manipulating dates to scalable JavaScript application (based on great Adam Shaw's XDate library).
A javascript library for easily translating a UTC time to a "Wall Time" for a particular time zone and back.