Top 20 NuGet dashboard Packages

An ASP.NET MVC C# area that provides a dashboard and logviewer to ELMAH loggings on SQL Server. This package contains only sourcecode, no assemblies nor dependencies.
CloudFoundry Connector for Hystrix Services
Package extending the dashboard capabilities of the Umbraco backoffice.
An admin dashboard for Microsoft Orleans
Projector Extension for MultiPlug
An admin dashboard for Microsoft Orleans
Isis is a control panel for ASP.NET applications that allows easy visibility into the application's assemblies (debug or not), logging, errors, cache, session, performance counters, and more.
The Domain Manager package is a handy content dashboard item for viewing domains within an Umbraco application. It allows editors to view each domain, it's culture and which node the domain is associated to. The dashboard item also allows editors to remove domains too. This package is especially goo...
A Dashboard Plugin interface used by SCHOTT CV-LS products.
Some authorization filters for Hangfire's Dashboard (updated; Unofficial package).
This is a library for fashioning plug-in dashboards for ASP.NET applications.
Reset Default Dashboard to 'None' for UCI Apps. Currently, if a User sets a dashboard in UCI to default via the 'set as default' button, they cannot reset this value back to none - not even via Web Client. This plugin helps to re-set users default dashboards to none
ASP.NET Live performance counter dashboard
This add-in gives you your own dashboard with items you recently worked on in your Visual studio editor. Provides a Quick and handy way to navigate to these items and manage them. It is applicable to code files, TFS tasks, etc. Recently Used Files is supported for Visual Studio 2010 and 2012.
ElmahR module implementing a full fledged errors dashboard
A Sitefinity Dashboard providing a single source of monitoring and administration that includes drag and drop capabilities, leverage an elegant, robust and productive dashboard for you and your whole organization.
Model based web dashboard
MindFusion.Charting is a multi-functional dashboard library that draws various types of charts and gauges. It supports bar, line, area, scatter, bubble, pie, doughnut, radar, polar, and candlestick charts, as well as oval and linear gauges.
MindFusion.Charting for WPF is a multi-functional graphical component that draws different types of charts in 2D and 3D. It supports bar, line, area, scatter, bubble, pie, doughnut, radar, and polar charts, as well as oval and linear gauges.
MindFusion.Gauges is set of two gauge components - linear and oval, with many customization options.