Top 20 NuGet cryptocurrency Packages

C# Coinone RESTFul API
dotnet core api for waves platform crypto currency
Application Programming Interface for data transmission and retrieval from Bitstamp through the Microsoft .NET Framework
The client provides a .NET representation of the model and interfaces supported by the Bitnet API.
Quick start example of using the Bitnet C# SDK.
Fundamental cryptocurrency classes and structures.
C# Bithumb RESTFul API
C# Korbit RESTFul API
A general purpose blockchain programming library for .NET Standard 2.0.
This is a 3rd party .NET library for the Poloniex REST API
C# Bithumb RESTFul API
C# Poloniex RESTFul API
C# Korbit RESTFul API
Clients for multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. All clients have a shared interface for common actions.
C# Coinone RESTFul API
Binance Crypto Currency Client SDK
KuCoin Crypto Currency Client Sdk
BittrexRxSharp is a reactive C# wrapper for the Bittrex Api.
CoinMarketCal API C# wrapper
Blockchain and cryptocurrency web api client libraries for .NET