Top 20 NuGet cryptocurrency Packages

Api Library to access Switcheo Exchange api supporting .Net Standard
Api library for accessing the KuCoin exchange Api using .Net Standard
Cryptocurrency.Blockchain is a library for interacting with the Blockchain Data API provided by Blockchain.
A cryptocurrency trading library with support for more than 100 bitcoin/altcoin exchanges. Uses original ccxt (python) code.
CexCore is .NET Core wrapper over CEX.IO API for trading.
Api Library to access CoinEx Exchange api supporting .Net Standard
Api library for accessing the Bittrex exchange Api built on .Net Standard
Basic client base for cryptocurrency server requests. Based on
.Net standard wrapper for TradeOgre exchange's API
A .Net Standard client for the QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency API.
A simple CoinMarketCap Pro API v1 client written in C#.
A .Net Standard client for the CoinField cryptocurrency API.
Api library for accessing the Api built on .Net Standard. Currently only offering MetaData and Map data endpoints
Library to use Bitfinex API v1 and v2 resources
The SDK provides a default implementation of the Bitnet API client using RestSharp.
Primedice API for applications written in the .NET Framework
BlockAppsSDK is a client, portable class library targeting .NET 4.5 and above and Xamarin 4.0 and above. It provides a simple way to interact with the Strato and Bloc API's with native C# classes.
dotnet core api for waves platform crypto currency
CryptoCompare Market Infomation Api for .NET
C# Poloniex RESTFul API