Top 20 NuGet crypto Packages

CexCore is .NET Core wrapper over CEX.IO API for trading.
AtomicPay.NET C# SDK enables you to easily interact with your account in your .NET project.
Modern, free, open-source, professionally audited .NET crypto library.
Google Keyczar Library compatible implementation in .NET
.NET Standard 1.3 implementation of the Noise Protocol Framework (revision 33 of the spec)
The simple API wrapper for world-wide crypto exchange HitBTC (based on API v2.0)
Provides simple cryptographic related classes for hashing/verifying data, encrypting/decrypting data and creating random data in .NET.
Release includes the full lightweight API, as well as APIs for OpenPGP, CMS, TLS, X.509, PKCS#12, TSP, and Certificate Path validation.
DEPRECATED - The 'CryptoHelper' is now strong named by default.
A C# implementation of the AESCrypt library
A .NET wrapper to invoke a C implementation of Argon2.
C# Client Library for API
C# client to connect to coinmarketcap API
Common Utilities. Crypto Helpers
Library made from coders to coders with some utilities used in GreenConcept projects
C# client connects to CoinMarketCap API v2
.Net SDK to connect Foreks Pubsub Server
CryptSharp - use for password hashing, not this library.
The Enterprise Library Cryptography Application Block simplifies the ways to incorporate cryptographic functionality in applications.
.NET wrapper for Blockcypher