Top 20 NuGet crud Packages

CRUD for Dapper
Simple Get, GetList, GetListPaged, Insert, Update, Delete, DeleteList, and RecordCount extensions for Dapper. Uses smart defaults for attribute free classes but can be overridden as needed. By default uses Id column as the primary key but this can be overridden with an attribute By default qu...
Simple CRUD operations for Dapper.
Abstraction library for WindnTrees application project.
Default implementation for Services
Dapper.FastCrud is built around essential features of the C# 6 / VB that have finally raised the simplicity of raw SQL constructs to acceptable maintenance levels. These features leave no chance to mistypings or problems arising from db entity refactorings. Visual Studio 2015 or later is recommend...
WindnTrees.Core abstraction library for WindnTrees application projects.
Default implementation for Services
Default implementation for Services
Dapper extension with simple crud methods.
.NET Data grid for fast editing. Add the grid, give it a table name and it will add/update/delete. Includes searching and paging. Uses free-jqgrid.
Simple CRUD operations for Dapper. Fork including pagination and support for NO SYNC
DynamicDb is a lightweight library with a simple interface that can be used to peform common SQL database operations. Dynamic SQL is generated behind the scenes and results are mapped to dynamic objects (if applicable). DynamicDb is best used for unit testing and utility-type applications.
DBのSelect,Insert,Update,Delete操作を拡張メソッドで提供します。 属性/ラムダ式の指定をもとに内蔵クエリビルダが実行SQLを自動生成します。SQL記述不要でDBを参照更新できます。 This library provides CRUD operations of the database as Extension Methods. By specifying Attribute / Lambda-Expression, You can perform database query and update using Dapper without writing SQ...
MongoCRUD is a high level library to make easy basic operations like create, update, update partial by query, upsert, delete, delete by query, get, search with paging and sorting, and filter buiders.
Simple Data Access Framework
.NET Reporting
Editor is a Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) plug-in for DataTables that provides the ability to easily add, edit and delete rows on a database that is displayed by a DataTable. The software available in this package, acts as server-side libraries for Editor in .NET environments (.NET Framewo...
A high performance Micro-ORM library supporting SQL Server and PostgreSQL.
This library provides a set of tools to enable CRUD rapidly on any aspnetcore Web APIs.