Top 20 NuGet credit Packages

Classes to validate the formal correctness of national account numbers and international credit card numbers. The conversion between national account numbers and IBAN is supported too.
Perform Luhn (Modulus 10) validation on a given number.
Client proxy for QuickPay payment gateway
Stone Gateway Client
Credit card detection
This package includes Integrations for Wirecard Api's.
The LuhnValidator is based in the Luhn algorithm to validate the number of an Identification Card.
Package Description
An abstraction around various payment providers for .NET, currently with support for Stripe, PayPal, PayPal Credit Cards (merchant services), CoinBase, and ChargeBee. Supports subscriptions and one-off payments.
A simple helper to check a creditcard number and to find a hidden card in a text.
Paquete para consumir los servicios de OpenPay con la mejora que admite CVV2 con ceros al inicio
Package Description
A collection of C# methods to create random data types e.g. IP Address, Credit Card Numbers etc.