Top 20 NuGet copy Packages

A cross platform package to copy text to the clipboard.
FastDeepCloner is very fast portable library, This is a C# cross platform library that is used to deep clone objects, whether they are serializable or not. It intends to be much faster than the normal binary serialization method of deep cloning objects.
Extension for Entity Framework Npgsql for Bulk Copy
Treats the "output" folder in an dependend nuget package as an additional special folder and copies it's content to the build folder
Microsoft Azure Storage DataMovement Library offers a set of APIs extending the existing Azure Storage .Net Client Library to help customer transfer Azure Blob and File Storage with high-performance, scalability and reliability. For this release, see notes -
PInvoke API (interfaces, structures and constants) imported for Windows BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service).
The PDF viewer control is a lightweight HTML5 component that can be used for viewing, reviewing, and printing PDF documents within web applications. Key features: • High performance PDF viewer. • Any PDF document can be opened and viewed, even encrypted (password protected) documents. • Zooming...
Provides high-performance Reinterpret_Cast style extension methods for primitives, primitive arrays and strings. Allows you to convert from bytes or to bytes faster than any thing in .NET through a generic API. Fastest and most generic conversions to and from bytes.
Parallel high performance cross-platform C#/.NET algorithms. 28+ algorithms with familiar interfaces and examples. Multi-core and data parallel (SIMD/SSE). Open source and free. See project Readme, blog, and videos...
This package's activities are to make easy automation in Excel.
Tha package contains more activities .It make more the excel automation.
Extension for Entity Framework Npgsql for Bulk Copy
Complete .NET coverage of Windows BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) functionality. Provides access to all library functions through Windows 11 and gracefully fails when new features are not available on older OS versions.
CopyRestAPI is a C# client for the Copy cloud storage service through its RESTful API.
Library to copy cosmos db databases.
Supported Platforms: • NETFramework Image Components for ASP.Net MVC is an imaging SDK that allows the view, edit, capture, creation and data manipulation. Some of the Image Components functions are: opening file or directory and saving most common images file types (*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.tif;*.tiff;*.bm...
AlphaFS is a .NET library providing more complete Win32 file system functionality to the .NET platform than the standard System.IO classes. Features highlights: creating hardlinks, accessing hidden volumes, enumeration of volumes, transactional file operations and much more.
Module used for making shallow or deep copies of items.
Command line tool that post processes XML documentation files to support an <inheritdoc /> tag allowing inheriting XML comments from base types, interfaces, and similar methods. Works with .NET Framework, .NET Standard, and .NET Core projects. See the separate InheritDocLib NuGet package for a progr...