Top 20 NuGet converter Packages

Word to number converter
The SafeConvert is a .NET library used to convert data between data types safely.
This is a simple .net class library that provides logic for converting to/from Wylie transliteration and Unicode Tibetan. Actually displaying the tibetan will require downloading a unicode Tibetan font.
XAML String, Visibility and DateTime Converters.
Converts true to Visible, false to Collapsed, and null to Hidden
WPF User Interface Controls and Helpers
本插件是在Pechkin的基础上,基于.NET2.0开发,剔除Common.Loging依赖,支持多个网页生成一个PDF功能。底层DLL是x86的,所以适用插件的项目必须是x86编译。否则会出现无法加载dll问题。 多网页生成PDF简单实例: SynchronizedPechkin sc = new SynchronizedPechkin(new GlobalConfig().SetMargins(new Margins(100, 100, 100, 100))); IList<Uri> uris = new List<Uri> { n...
TypeScript toolkit including for example comparers, validators and converters.
Metafuse test Package thing
Converter that trim a string
Wombat is a small library providing simple interface to create and to use custom object's converters in your application.
Collection of useful converters for the Universal Windows Platform.
Converts objects to DynamicTableEntities and DynamicTableEntities back to original objects. Handles conversion of complex objects with complex nested properties. Usage: // Convert Order object to DynamicTableEntity DynamicTableEntity dynamicTableEntity = DynamicTableEntityConverter.ConvertToDynam...
Nequeo media codec component
A library for converting images and word documents to PDF documents.
The FuncConverter class.
HTML to PDF converter that abstracts wkhtmltopdf; requires you to have installed wkhtmltopdf
Containts strongly-typed base classes for Value Conversion in WPF (IValueConverter interface - full binding support).
A Chain Converter object that allows multiple converters on the same binding.