Top 20 NuGet converter Packages

A collection of IValueConverter for UWP apps.
Converter from/to any type to String. NLog inside to provide errors.
Unix time stamp converter for Json.NET
Integer to Boolean converter for Json.NET
A set of XAML extensions and helpers for use in Windows UWP apps, including Visual Tree extensions, VisualState Triggers and Converters.
.NET Standard 2.0 library with helpers to convert your POCO objects to Azure Table Storage objects of type `ITableEntity` or `DynamicTableEntity` and vice versa. It supports saving complex classes by converting not natively supported property types into JSON strings. There is no need to have dedic...
A library that contains functions to aid database operation.
A library that contains functions to aid database operation.
Convert PDF to HTML5 or SVG with C#, using the BuildVu C# Client to interact with IDRsolutions' BuildVu Microservice Example. The BuildVu Microservice Example is an open source project that allows you to convert PDF to HTML5 or SVG by running BuildVu as an online service. For documentation and usag...
C# to TypeScript interface Convert library. You can convert from dll file or assembly. You can select extraction conditions and conversion methods.
A Package with Converters for Newtonsoft.Json.
interface implementing IConverter for the project Verbatim Automapper
A simple and customizable converter/extension from bool to Visibility for Wpf/XAML. It offers a markup extension (so you can use it inline in XAML without defining a resource) and easy custumizability of the conversion.
.NET collection extensions
A class for converting managed base types to byte arrays and vice versa
MVVM, bare knuckle style! Blue.MVVM is, and will remain, an ultra lightweight suite supporting your Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) based applications. _about this package_ This package includes highly configurable converters. Included converters in this package so far: ...
.Net Dev Utils
A .NET library to convert Html to JavaScript.
ものすごく古い漢字コード変換プログラムである nkf を .NET Framework から簡単に利用するためのライブラリです.
Helper for easy and elegant type conversions, taking care of: nullables, enums, System.DBNull and other types inherit from System.IConvertible. The method try convert to specified type, if the conversion fail, there is an option to define a fallback value to be returned as result. Example: int conv...