Top 20 NuGet conversion Packages

Nequeo conversion component
core serialization wrapper
Permet de transcrire les nombres en lettres. En français uniquement. Gère les format d'affichage : standard, recommandation de 1990 et monétaire. Classe d'extension enregistré dans le namespace System. Une fois référencé, utiliser la méthode .ToWord() pour récupérer une string du nombre.
It's very common to convert data from a type to another and there's plenties of APIs to achieve it in .NET. Transmute was created to have a single centralized channel for all conversions.
The WPF UnitComboBox Control implements a combobox that allows the selection of values from different lists based on different units.
Conversion.NET is a type conversion library.
Convert code from one programming language to another using the CodeConverter.NET SDK.
Transliteration toolkit, using simple format for transliteration rule set definition. May be used as replacement pair-set engine.
Allows to easily convert types.
Unit conversion library for .NET
Reflection and type conversion library for .NET
A library for Mayan/Gregorian calendar conversions
A simple .Net library in C# to handle manipulation and convertion of physical units
FFMpegSharp is a great way to use FFMpeg encoding when writing video applications, client-side and server-side. It has wrapper methods that allow conversion to all web formats: MP4, OGV, TS and methods of capturing screens from the videos.
C# library that adds conversion Method Extensions to System.Object. Perform super simple data conversions without being forced to consider all the scenarios. Let the library do it for you.
Rasterizer is the developer tool that you need for converting PDF files into JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and RGB (raw image data) images. Use Rasterizer to specify image data such as DPI, scaling, and size. Software Requirements: Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 x64 Microsoft Visual C++ Redi...
A library for configuring and computing measurement conversions
API wrapper to get latest currency exchange rates using USD as the base currency. (API key is provided when you register)
Library that provides a unit system and allows to represent measurements and convert between different measures.