Top 20 NuGet continuous Packages

Provides targets for building .NET projects from scratch. Ciao bootstraps the build environment by fetching the latest version of the NuGet.exe command-line client, restoring NuGet packages for your solution, injecting version metadata into your assemblies, compiling the solution, running unit tests...
Provides helper functions for setting up and tearing down SQL Server database fakes for use in integration testing.
Simplify testing for claiburn micro applications.
**ober** This CLI tool will help you submit .appxupload packages straight to the Windows Store. It uses the submission API to achieve this.
Stupidly simple and lightweight feature toggle for .Net
Provide bootstrap script to help execute continuous actions. It simplify usage of manifest PowerShell modules referenced through packages.config.
git-flow-version creates predictable and opinionated SemVer 2.0.0 version numbers for git flow repositories.
This libary can generate a version numbers for a git flow repository.