Top 20 NuGet continuous Packages

MASBicudo Data Structures - Immutables, Continuous.
ConDep is a highly extendable Domain Specific Language for Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure as Code on Windows.
Remote helpers used by ConDep operations server side.
Reusables modules used in the aid of a .NET build and release cycle
Compare two versions of an assembly and suggest how to bump version numbers
A demo application to show off CI and CD
LoadBalancer api provider for HAProxy.
A UWP API for reading from and writing to a siren of shame device using the HID USB protocol. Provies notifications for when a device is connected and disconnected. Allows reading led and audio patterns available as well as playing those patterns on the device.
Numerical Optimization Package in which solutions are continuous vectors
a simple watcher for dnx that works on .Net and Mono, Win & Mac
Veronique is a simple yet powerful command line tool helping versioning your software projects automatically during the build process.
A FeatureSelect utility for loading features from configuration
Executes any number of sql files on MS SQL Server. Since the code doesn't know the order to execute the files, it uses a retry mechanism until each batch in the file executes successfully
CrmUp is a .NET library that helps you to automate the deployment of your Microsoft Dynamics Crm customisations. See for details.
A Sql feature source for FeatureSelect
xUnit VW Extension is an extension to the xUnit testing framework which enables you to pass failing tests when using continuous integration tools.
This is the core library necessary for all continuous.* packages. Also contains factory for creating shells from rest of the continuous nuget packages
Nant.Builder provides a set of nant scripts that allows you simply build, version, test and deploy your solution to windows azure. See the project site for more details
Creates an update scripts for sqlcmd to run - build in mind for dbup. Visit for more information.
The easy way to use semantic versioning ( with GitHub Flow