Top 20 NuGet consul Packages

* The most comprehensive .NET Library for HashiCorp's Vault - A Secret Management System. * VaultSharp supports all Auth methods, all Secrets Engines and most System Apis. * It has first class support for Consul, Enterpise Vault APIs etc. * This library is built with .NET Standard 2.0 & .NET St...
Provides support for configuring .NET Core applications with Consul
Library of utility types for Consul of Microsoft Orleans.
A library for consuming consul values in a continuous stream using the Reactive Extensions
Package Description
HealthChecks.Consul is the health check package for Consul Server.
Hashicorp Consul Client
dotnet core Consul服务注册基础类库
Microservice framework with powerful service discovery using Consul
Using this component you can find other Microdot services (and any other remote system), perform client-side load balancing between multiple servers, detect and skip unresponsive servers and resume using them when they return to full operation. Discovery is typically perfomed with Consul by HashiCor...
Microservice framework with powerful service discovery using Consul - WebAPI Support Module
基于GRPC CONSUL的一个微服务架构lib
Provides a configuration source that pulls values from Consul's Service Catalog and KV Store.
Simple library(100% written in F#) to use leader election functionality based on Consul.
Microphone.Core Class Library
Microphone.Asp5 Class Library
Service Discovery for Consul
ServiceStack plugin that supports service discovery and request uri resolution using Consul
Microphone.Nancy Class Library
Nanophone Consul registry host