Top 20 NuGet configuration Packages

SimpleConfig allow applications to use configurations values from any data store in the type of interfaces, thus decouples the frameworks from your appliaction and allowing application to inject interfaces and nothing else. This framework should be used instead of .Net Core IOptions<T>.
Unity Configuration
携程Apollo客户端   与Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration集成请使用Com.Ctrip.Framework.Apollo.Configuration包   与System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager集成(.net 4.7.1及以后版本)请使用Com.Ctrip.Framework.Apollo.ConfigurationManager包   直接使用ApolloConfigurationManager请使用Com.Ctrip.Framework.Apollo.Configuration或者Com.Ctrip.F...
Multiple ASP.NET Core utilities, including email, configuration, access to HTTP headers, etc.
Abbotware Interop Library for Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration - Contains helper methods, extension methods, and plugins
Useful POSIX command line arguments parser for .Net. Hierarchical-configuration Store for app.
This is a flexible TableView specialized in settings for Android / iOS. There are various cells such as (LabelCell, ButtonCell, CommandCell, SwitchCell, CheckboxCell, RadioCell, PickerCell, EntryCell, NumberPickerCell, TimePickerCell, DatePickerCell)
An extension to JsonSettings that allows to wrap a class via transparent proxy.
Provides a quick and easy way to create settings for your wpf app that is easily accessable from both xaml and code behind.
Packing for adding property placeholder resolving config provider to ASP.NET Core applications
Allows Microsoft Sql Server to be used with Lemonade.
Simple Data Accesss Layer for EntityFramework with some helpfull features. There is a ReadableReposity and WritableRepository. PagedList collection and mapping to entities to ViewModels.
Unity utilties used by SOAlutions applications and services
Kode-Aid shared configuration library.
A set of diagnostics extensions for enumerating details of the app's configuration.
A set of utilities used to configure HttpClient and related types.
Simple Configuration for .NET.
HOCON (Human-Optimized Config Object Notation) core API implementation. For full access inside your application, install the Hocon.Configuration package.
Standard Web Applications .NET Utilities