Top 20 NuGet configuration Packages

Configuration provider that uses files in a directory for Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration. This package was built from the source code at
Convention-based CLI application builder with built-in dependency injection and configuration extensions.
This package provides an algorithm which is a able to tune (improve the performance of) an algorithm.
JSON Serialization Configuration for types in Naos.Service
BSON Serialization Configuration for types in Naos.Service
JSON Serialization Configuration for types in Naos.Http
BSON Serialization Configuration for types in Naos.Http
SimpleSettings allow applications to use configurations values from any data store in the type of interfaces, thus decouples the frameworks from your appliaction and allowing application to inject interfaces and nothing else. This framework should be used instead of .Net Core IOptions<T>.
Project containing file for configuration of GetcuReone projects.
Extensions simplifying access to configuration and host details in ASP.NET Core applications.
Load application settings into strong typed objects with two lines of code. Supports validation, nested objects, arrays, lists and dictionaries.
Componente transversal de la arquitectura. Contiene un conjunto de clases que implementan los contratos para operaciones de cache, seguridad, loggin, operaciones con archivos, email, etc.
Dependency injected Azure PaaS components.
Optional background processes for the Accidental Fish applicaton framework. Includes email and logging.
A frictionless RESTful client library for providing translations, feature toggles and configurations.
Provides RESTful Api and management front-end for Lemonade configuration framework.
A lightweight YAML-based Windows server configuration tool - this is the library used for custom task plugins.
Support for combination of settings from multiple sources for Serilog
Upgrade your console application and use the same pattern as .NET Core MVC projects to configure services, logging, and use application settings.
Command line tool to manage user secrets for Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.