Top 20 NuGet command-line Packages

CLASP stands for Command-Line Argument Sorting and Parsing - CLASP.NET is the .NET version. The main features are: * parsing of a command-line (string[]) into flags, options, and values; * support of flag/option aliases, via specifications; * support for "--option=value" and "--option", "value" fo...
A C# .NET Class Library containing tools for parsing the command line arguments of console applications.
A simple library for reading command-line arguments.
A C# .NET class library containing tools for displaying progress in console applications.
This library uses conventions in your code in order to allow command-line functionnality (parsing and executing commands), such as creating a CLI tooling. The library will find the command and execute it passing in the parameters recieved. Otherwise, it will print help information.
A library for writing console applications. Extends Mono.Options to support separate commands from one console application.
A simple argument parser to convey a variety of argument values flexibly and uniformly between software components or as part of a command-line interface. The package includes the 'Switch - argument parser v3.7.pdf' document.
Adeptik Command Line Utils is lightweight library using for creating console applications.
Library for advanced formatting of console/terminal output. Format output like HTML using either .NET DSL (like LINQ to XML), or XAML with bindings (like WPF). Supports paragraphs, lists, grids, Unicode formatting, drawing, export to various formats and much more. is the .net version of the docopt python beautiful command line parser. helps you define an interface for your command-line app, and automatically generate a parser for it. is based on conventions that have been used for decades in help messages and man pages for pr...
C# .Net Core Library with utilities like: command line, files, log, platform, shell, system, transform and validation [ Win+Mac+Linux ]
GoCommando is a small command line utility helper that does the boring work when creating command line utilities in .NET.
A simple, but very powerful, command-line parsing utility that automatically populates properties in your argument object. Handles data type conversions and data validation. Provides help text optimized for the console. See the project WIKI on Git for full list of features and documentation.
Sln.launcher is a dotnet tools allows you to launch Visual Studio with a .sln file from a command prompt in the current directory. In the case of several available files, the user is asked to select one.
Arguments.NET is a library for interacting with command-line arguments.
A Command Line Library for Dotnet
Convention based argument handling for console applications.
A near drop-in replacement for ManyConsole, wrapping Microsoft.Extensions.CommandLineUtils
Command-line argument parser.
Colorful.Console adapter of Alba.CsConsoleFormat. Supports rendering FIGlet fonts.