Top 20 NuGet color Packages

Prysm is a CLI beutification tool that provides simple and easy manipulation of console colors. This tool formats escape characters, which provides 256 color support to most windows command lines.
This library is created to provide easy creation of console applications with menus, input parse and colored output
Picks gradient color
.NET FRAMEWORK 4.5/4.7 AND .NET CORE 3.0 Wpf ColorPicker is a set of customs usercontrol that can take color in your app.
RGB Library
Generates attractive random colors. This is a port to .NET of randomColor (, David Merfield's javascript random color generator. Thanks also to Hrusikesh Panda.
Extends the default System.Console with color support, new methods and better functionality.
A basic library for typographic settings used in PDF creation with Bodoconsult.Core.PDf, charting with Bodoconsult.Core.Charting or other layout oriented software projects