Top 20 NuGet color Packages

Simple color cross fade utility for Android. Supported types: RGB, ARGB, HSV, HSV (with alpha).
Library for Colorizing SQL Server T-SQL Scripts
Cross-platform ANSI-based multicolor terminal library
.NET port of Android's Palette
Enrich System.Console with colors. Used Rainbow icon from Farm-Fresh Web using Creative Commons Attribution (by) licence.
This packages adds multi color segment bar in Xamarin forms.
Interactive and responsive Color Picker Control for Xamarin.Forms (Android, iOS, UWP) with a whole bunch of awesome features. On a Canvas with a beautiful Color spectrum similar to a rainbow gradient effect spreading across, drag, drop, swipe and pan over the Canvas to pick the Color you need easily...
A set of extensions to convert text to System.Drawing.Color.
Driver for the BH1745 digital color sensor. Covers all available operations on this sensor.
Simple, full color console output.
Generate Name Address City ZipCode Color and a lot more (Current Languages: NL BE US)
A ConsoleExtended static class to write in console and extension methods for objects to write clean debug lines
Components for color manipulation functions, such as convertion between HSL-RGB-HSB-CIE-CIEXYZ color formats, W3C Color Accessibility, color converters and tools for xaml, color palette tools.
A simple .NET wrapper around the COLOURlovers API Source: I am not in any way affiliated with This project is licensed under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial ShareAlike 3.0 license because that is the license that the ...
Theme Manager for Windows and Windows Phone Store Apps