Top 20 NuGet cloudscribe Packages

A Twitter widget to be used within CloudScribe
a friendly wrapper around Mailkit/Mimekit
Implementation of cloudscribe ILogRepository for SqlServer Compact edition
Implementation of cloudscribe.Core.Models.ILogRepository for MySql
Implementation of ILogRepository repository for FirebirdSql
cloudscribe database helpers for SQLite.
cloudscribe database helpers for SqlServer Compact
cloudscribe database helpers for MySql
Bootstrap 4 views for cloudscribe.Web.Navigation
Sms helper for Twilio REST API
Bootstrap 3 views for cloudscribe.Core.IdentityServerIntegration
Package Description
cloudscribe database helpers for Firebird
Bootstrap 4 views for cloudscribe.SimpleContent.Web
Bootstrap 4 views for cloudscribe Core and SimpleContent integration
Bootstrap 3 views for cloudscribe Core and SimpleContent integration
Bootstrap 4 views for cloudscribe.Core.IdentityServerIntegration
pre-compiled views for cloudscribe.Web.Common
Bootstrap 4 views for cloudscribe.EmailList.Web.Mvc
An implementation of the cloudscribe IFallbackPasswordHashValidator that can migrate hashed passwords migrated in from mojoortal database users to cloudscribe users in the format Pwd|PasswordSalt. On first login the users password will be updated to the Identity hash format.