Top 20 NuGet cloudscribe Packages

cloudscribe.Syndication Class Library
model classes for key/value storage
cloudscribe.SimpleContent.Models Class Library
A set of Content Templates for cloudscribe.SimpleContent using Bootstrap 4
an ASP.NET Core viewcomponent for menus and breadcrumbs
Entity Framework Core common classes for cloudscribe.Kvp
MySql Entity Framework Core storage for cloudscribe.Kvp
Entity Framework Core postgresql storage for cloudscribe.Kvp
NoDb storage for cloudscribe key/value models. NoDb storage is only recommended for small sites.
Entity Framework Core SQLite storage for cloudscribe.Kvp
Bootstrap 4 pre-compiled views for cloudscribe.Core.IdentityServerIntegration
Bootstrap 3 pre-compiled views for cloudscribe.Core.IdentityServerIntegration
PostgreSql Entity Framework Core implementation of cloudscribe ILogRepository, using snake case tables and fields
Entity Framework Core postgresql storage for cloudscribe.Kvp
Pagination models
cloudscribe.SimpleContent.MetaWeblog Class Library
cloudscribe.SimpleContent.Syndication Class Library
a re-useable implementation of the metaweblog api for core
ASP.NET Core controller and models for generating an xml sitemap for search indexes
Bootstrap 3 pre-compiled views for cloudscribe.SimpleContent.Web