Top 20 NuGet client Packages

.NET client for ArangoDB with LINQ provider
SphinxConnector.NET is a fully asynchronous .NET client API for the Sphinx full-text search engine and its fork Manticore Search. It provides a fluent query API with object mapping capabilities that allows for an easy integration of Sphinx into your applications. After the installation, SphinxConnec...
MQTT Client utilizing the power of Reactive Extensions
The SnelStart B2B API .NET client is an open source client library for the SnelStart B2B API.
Multiple http clients
The client library which implements Currencycloud's APIs.
OpenPop.NET is an open source implementation of a POP3 client and a robust MIME parser written in C#. It allows developers easy access to email on a POP3 server in a matter of minutes. The project is backed by several hundred test cases and is therefore believed to be very robust. ...
[DEPRECATED] The Unified Client Interface API for use with the Diffusion family of products.
C# client library for integration with Callfire REST API v2 services
Kraken is a set of open source libraries for SharePoint development. The package includes code for writing provider hosted apps, including CSOM utilities.
WebDAV client library for .NET, Xamarin iOS and Android for managing items on WebDAV RFC 4918, RFC 2518 and DeltaV RFC 3253 compliant WebDAV servers, uploading, downloading files, managing locks and file versions. The library is using Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP) and requires .NET 4.5 or la...
Documentation and samples: SignalGo is a library for Cross-Platform developers that makes it incredibly simple to add real-time web functionality to your applications. What is "real-time web" functionality? It's the ability to have your server-sid... .Net SDK
Provides infrastructure for common authentication and additional convenience APIs for Azure REST clients.
Steeltoe Neflix Hystrix Client - ASPNET Core
HttpClient for TravelService api
ServiceBus Implementation of RPC Client Functionality and Interfaces for Building Apps with the LagoVista IoT and Devices Framework
Datagrammer with underlying Netty client
Provides a client for the Singer Instrument Company Limited PIXL.
The Relativity productions .NET package.