Top 20 NuGet client Packages

client library for the PowerDNS API
Framework.WebAPI.CrossClientIt is a .NET Core/Standard library that expose the HttpClient capabilities to cross client applications
Advanced WebSocket Client and Connectors.
Client for interacting with UKFast SafeDNS
Core client for interacting with UKFast products and services
Email Client for
Simple implementation of RabbitMQ consumer and sender.
STUN support for Datagrammer
A .NET client library for interacting with mountebank (
Provisioning Device Client SDK for Azure IoT Devices
Provisioning Service Client SDK for Azure IoT
Generate data model interfaces in TypsScript from POCO classes. This has been used in POCO2TS.exe and Strongly Typed Client API for Web API.
Wiki Client Library is a .NET Standard & asynchronous client library for MediaWiki sites. This portable & asynchronous MediaWiki API client provides an easy and asynchronous access to commonly-used MediaWiki API. It has the following features: * Queries and edits for pages, including s...
Encompass API Client Library for .NET
This is a client api using the MtProto protocol to connect the client to a server, such as Telegram Messenger
Utilities to write unit tests and send the results to the Guts API (.NET Core Framework)
StackExchange.Redis.Extensions.LegacyConfiguration is a library that allows you to use App.Config or WebConfig with StackExchange.Redis.Extensions
A simple Test Client built on top of ASP.NET Web API Help Page.
A feature-filled and friendly way to use localStorage and sessionStorage (JSON, namespacing, extensions, etc).
Provides modules for loading client certificates from http requests.