Top 20 NuGet change Packages

Beetle metadata types.
Beetle Entity Framework handler.
Gulp Change (gulp-change) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Create snapshots of any .Net object, compare them and create a structured diff; C#; .Net2.0; .Net4.0
Database change management tool for .NET
Package for tracking domain object changes. Need to add audit logging for all or parts of your domain model? Use the fluent configuration to setup tracking for your domain objects and use the ChangeTracked event to act on domain object changes. You can add logic to save changes to a database or perf...
See project site for more details
Take a look at and try it out there.
Visual Studio kickstarter for AliaSQL
Beetle.js javascript files.
A useful set of classes for building an ITypeSource
Small library to change case in strings. Based on node.js library:
Database change management tool.
Service Objects NCOA Live Libraries utilizing best practices with fail over configuration. This package will call the DOTS NCOA Live web service. This service will take an array addresses and name information and determine whether or not they are associated with any official change of address notifi...
Provides a ChangeTrackingDbContext that will automatically updates Created and Modified fields as well as some basic DbContext extension methods from
The Inventory Extension is a tool and library that maintains a directory inventory to keep track of file changes.
Detect how registered objects change throughout the lifetime of a business process.
Provide a binding mechanism between POCO objects
A .NET chord sheet transposer
Neo Systems .NET Serial port change monitor class