Top 20 NuGet change Packages

Beetle Server interface.
Track changes in your POCO objects, and in your collections. By using Castle Dynamic Proxy to create proxies of your classes at runtime, you can use your objects just like you used do, and just by calling the AsTrackable() extension method, you get automatic change tracking, and cancellation.
Beetle WebApi 2 Entity Framework 6 sample Todo project.
detect directory change and return renamed, moved, created, and deleted files. Able to spot renamed files without hashcode comparing or real time tracking.
Fully automated MVVM library. The library observes properties, analyzes changes, and raises change notifications.
Change Emitter (change-emitter) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Beetle WebApi Controller Api.
Beetlejs Entity Framework Core Handler.
Command line database change management tool. And a drop-in replacement for the Tarantino database deployer.
Library that provide an info page for web application showing changelog and release info.
Beetle Mvc Controller Api.
RavenDB 'Temporal Versioning' bundle client. Allows for tracking of changes to entities at different effective dates.
An extension for converting between types
Beetle Entity Framework 6 handler.
Beetle.js Client with TypeScript definition files.
This component can keep complete history of data starting from creation of the Record to Deletion. The component also provide insight of Data changes, i.e who modify, what modify. Click on Project Site link to get Step by Step implementation guide.
Extensions for the .NET URI class. Get, set, drop, update URI parts, query items and path items. Fluent interface. No more worrying about part delimiters.
An extension for EntityFramework that provides Auditing, Concurrency Checks, storing complex types as JSON and storing history of all changes from DbContext to Transaction Log.