Top 20 NuGet capgemini Packages

Creating Windows Services is now a cake walk. This implementation can also handle localized service name and description.
Visual Studio dark theme for Cauldron WPF
Visual Studio dark theme for Cauldron WPF
Simple AOP Exception handler for .Net Controller classes integrated with Serilog.
Devon4Net.Domain.Context contains the extended class Devon4NetBaseContext in order to make easier the process of having a model context configured against different database engines. This configuration allows an easier testing configuration against local and in memory databases.
Provides properties and methods for getting information about the monitor.
A collection of interceptor implementations. Breaking changes in 3.1.x - See for more information.
Handles passing of parameters to running instance(s) of an application.
Json web token (JWT) support classes for token generation from p12/pfx certificate. Please read the documentation to use it properly.