Top 20 NuGet calendar Packages

AuxiliaryLibraries is a library which allows you to have some useful tools, especially for Iranian. The tools are: Accessory to Persian calendar, extensions (lots of useful string, int, log, datetime, and ... extensions ), encryption (There are three different algorithms which are RC4, AES and RSA.)...
This package contains an implementation of the Roman calendar system that is used similarly to DateTime. The calendar system used is the post-Julian reforms in 46 BC. It represents all the systems and quirks the calendar had, and is as accurate as I could make it from my research
ScheduleWidget handles recurring events for calendars
Calendar library for calendar and date/time logic.
Standalone Android widget for picking a single date from a calendar view.
Extensive time period calculations and individual calendar periods.
Calendar provides date range selection, animation, gesture based navigation, and custom content.
Customized calendar plugin for Xamarin.Forms
Enables you to use standard drivers to connect to Google Calendar objects. Just specify your credentials and access tables like Calendars,Events, etc.
Simple property editor to configurate recurring events.
DHTMLX Scheduler .NET web control provides rich and flexible APIs to achieve the desired look-and-feel. You can change the calendar appearance and configuration according to your app needs. The calendar has basic views (Day, Week, Month), and can also display events in Timeline, Agenda, Year, Grid a...
Simple and Powerful WPF Persian DateTimePicker and Calendar
A tool to bulk update Bookable Resource's work hours.
"Noda Time is a date and time API acting as an alternative to the built-in DateTime/DateTimeOffset etc types built into the .NET framework." ** This is a repackage of the third party NodaTime project for use with ThinkGeo's Map Suite product line. ** ** You should not need to reference this packag...
Custom calendar control for Xamarin.Forms. Customizable border thickness, color, background colors and formats. Version 1.0.8 or lower Built against: Version 1.1.0 or above Built against:
ScheduleWidget handles recurring events for calendars
Custom CalendarView for Android
ServiceStack.Text JSON serializer support for NodaTime
Common calendar classes for .NET applications