Top 20 NuGet calendar Packages

Badi Noda Time extends the Noda Time date API with features specific to the Badíʿ (Wondrous) calendar.
A library for Mayan/Gregorian calendar conversions
A Windows Form Component to use for persian date. It works just like the default windows DatePicker control
A library for .Net that makes creating, managing, and working with recurrences easy
A fancy and small calendar and date-time picker
Customizable Calendar for Xamarin.Forms.
Plugin for Xamarin forms. Allows you to use calendar view in forms. Plugin uses bindings for following libraries: - alamkanak/Android-Week-View - jumartin/Calendar Supports Android, iOS.
Simple and Powerful WPF Persian DateTimePicker and Calendar
A Xamarin.Form control for creating a calendar.
This is a Datepicker with Chinese lunar calendar view
This is a Datepicker with Chinese lunar calendar view ,This assembly works for iOS 9.3 and later
This is a Datepicker with Chinese lunar calendar view ,This assembly works for Android
Defined calendars examples using ThisDate. Buildable event and holiday calendar by calendar patterns. DateTime extensions. IsWorkday(), AddWorkdays(), time rounding, IsLastWeekMonth(), get the 3rd Thursday of November (US Thanksgiving) and more.
Modern Xamarin Forms Calendar that is both interactive and also fits well with only two weeks showing.
Simple, Beauty and Powerful WPF Persian Calendar And DatePicker with Hijri and Gregorian Date and functions
A simple calendar control for xamarin forms apps.
This is the ASP.NET Web Pages Calendar template from Microsoft that comes with WebMatrix.
This package contains calendar cotrol to be used with Windows Phone 7 applications. Please see project URL for details and sample usage.
This is the VB version of the original ASP.NET Web Pages Calendar template from Microsoft, updated for Web Pages v2.
XAML based calendar control for WinRT / Windows Store Style application. Supports full custom styling and comes with a template you can easily customize. Supports all modes, including snapped with the default template.