Top 20 NuGet calculator Packages

This package provides the functionality to utilize the features of Syncfusion WinForms Autocomplete, Carousel, Menu, Multicolumn ComboBox, Color Picker, Docking Manager, Hub Tile, Navigation Drawer, Navigation View, Radial Menu, Radial Slider, Range Slider, Rating, Ribbon, Spell Checker, Split Conta...
This package provides the functionality to utilize the features of Syncfusion UWP Calculator, Calendar, ComboBox, Date Picker, DateTimePicker, Domain UpDown, Dropdown Button, Masked TextBox, Numeric TextBox, Numeric UpDown, Picker, Range Slider, Radial Slider, and Rating.
This package provides the functionality to utilize the features of Syncfusion WPF Calculator, DatePicker, Domain Updown, GridSplitter, MaskedTextBox, Range Slider, Rating, TimePicker, NumericUpDown, and Radial Slider.
Editors contains part-based and masked editors for everything from date/time to currency entry, with unique designs that are specifically crafted to support input by keyboard, mouse, touch, and pen in WPF applications. Edit box controls support .NET data types input such as dates, times, numbers, b...
mXparser is a super easy, rich, fast and highly flexible math expression parser library (parser and evaluator of mathematical expressions / formulas provided as plain text / string). Software delivers easy to use API for JAVA, Android and C# .NET/MONO (Common Language Specification compliant: F#, Vi...
Fast low memory consuming mathematical evaluation without endless string parsing! Parses string formula once and uses its object sequence in each evaluation.
Easy to use extensible expression evaluator built on top of Sprache parser library. Compiles expressions to native code for best performance. Supports custom functions and parameters.
Calculates the sunrise and sunset for a given date and location (using Geographic Coordinates). This library uses the method outlined NOAA Solar Calculations Day spreadsheet found at Calculations are based on the book "Astronomical Algorith...
Hjelpeklasser for validering og generering av data tilknyttet norske domener.
Arcus is a C# manipulation library for calculating, parsing, formatting, converting, and comparing both IPv4 and Pv6 addresses and subnets. It accounts for 128-bit numbers on 32-bit platforms.
Calculates the value of a math expression from a string returning a double. Supports variables and user defined operators.
kalk is a command line calculator app for developers.
Helper library to work with SMS / text messages: • An SMS message part calculator with support for GSM and Unicode • Detect the required SMS encoding • Normalize SMS • Split messages with word wrap
Позволят расчитать параметры сетей IPv4 по адресу и маске, а также рассчитать параметры подсетей постоянной и переменной длины. Allows you to calculate the parameters of IPv4 networks by address and mask, as well as calculate the parameters of subnets of constant and variable length.
Create amortization schedule and optimization intelligence for quick payoff. - Order the debt so the bulk of the payments go toward the debt that will be paid off earlier. - As each card is paid off, that money is combined and added to the next card to be paid off quickly. - Payment Statistics: ...
A .NET library that helps with mathematics and algorithmic work.
Just a test application for a simple calculator
Chart component for Rychusoft.NumericalLibraries suite
Library for computing fourier transform
Easy to use library for computing integrals. var math = new Integral("3*x^2-5", 5, 10); var result = math.ComputeIntegral(); // result = 850