Top 20 NuGet calculator Packages

Easy to use library for computing differential equations. var math = new Rychusoft.NumericalLibraries.Differential.Differential(""3*x^2-5""); var result = math.ComputeDifferential(4, 2, 0); // result = 46
Just a test class library
Some usefull network tools (network calculator, ip converter, extended tcpclient).
Chart component for Rychusoft.NumericalLibraries suite
How can we calculate the status of anyone`s body? or how can we find out which weight is good for someone? This library has two functions to let your app calculate & return the status of users body with a weight suggestions service
This Paclage can claculate steel round Bar Weight in kg
It does Arithmetic opertions
Trivial Ast Parser CSharp
Library for computing fourier transform
Easy to use library for computing zero (root) of a function. var math = new FunctionRoot.Hybrid("(x+1)^2-9", 0, 1.5); var result = math.ComputeHybrid(); // result = 2
Easy to use library for computing integrals. var math = new Integral("3*x^2-5", 5, 10); var result = math.ComputeIntegral(); // result = 850
Library for computing function interpolation and approximation
A lib which provide a lot of API for calculating like a calculator
MathAnalytics is a collection of extensions methods to make easy a lot of statistical calculations.
Test NuGet for source linking.
Hjelpeklasser for validering og generering av data tilknyttet norske domener.
Sample calculator
An extremely useful tool for predicting Durin's Day
Trivial Ast