Top 20 NuGet c-sharp Packages

Reinforcement Learning
PID Controllers
Particle Filters
Page Rank
Kalman Filters
Anomaly Detection
CodeZero EntityFramework Core
CodeZero EntityFramework Common shared class
.Net SDK to connect Foreks Pubsub Server
ncryptf for .net core
*** THIS LIBRARY IS NO LONGER BEING MAINTAINED. USE THE CRYPTHASH.NET LIBRARY INSTEAD, WICH HAS BETTER DESIGN, PERFORMANCE AND ALGORITHMS SUPPORT *** CryptHash.Core is a .NET Standard Class Library for text and files symmetric (AES 256 CBC) authenticated (HMACSHA256) encryption/decryption with salt...
SoftwareCraft.Either represents the OOP implementation of a functional concept.
ImageCA provides a way of analysing images and colours
Library to create HTTP API clients. HttpWorker provides processing of requests in background and managing of network failures.