Top 20 NuGet behavior Packages

XperiAndri.Interactivity.Orientation is a trigger and triggered action which together allows to switch visual states depending on device orientation without writing any line of code.
GravatarClient is an AjaxControlToolkit based client side behavior for adding photo and datas from the to the webpage automatically. New BSD License The md5.js and utf8_encode.js has own licence.
CarouselBehavior is an AjaxControlToolkit based behavior for jQuery Carousel plugin. The Carousel plugin exists in Twitter Bootstrap. New BSD License
AdPanel is an AjaxControlToolkit based client side behavior for adding advertisenments and similar things - like partners - to the webpage automatically. In the configuration applicable remote or local url based image, html markup for text based content and tooltip. New BSD License
BootstrapPanelBaseBehavior is an AjaxControlToolkit based client side - javascript - behavior. This behavior is a base class for other behaviors, which use the Bootstrap panels. New BSD License
TCore helpers for UWP (Behaviors, Converters, Auto View, etc...)
A set of XAML behaviors for use in Windows UWP apps.
Native view behaviors to reflect the Xamarin.Forms behaviors, but for native iOS and Android controls. Use within your ViewController and Activity/Fragment lifecycles to clean up event handling
A BDD library for testing C# code.
SecByte.Xunit.Gherkin is a modified version of Xunit.Gherkin.Quick
NDecision.Aspects provides AOP-driven business logic execution. NDecision is a Fluent decisioning engine written with Behavior Driven Development practices.
With Interaction Lib you can wire up most common ajax UI interactions with as few as 2 - 3 attributes right in your markup with no additional javascript. Also provides markup for wiring and configuring other jQuery/jQueryUI plugins. Provides support for unobtrusive configurations.
A startup sample for Caliburn.Micro using Windsor
XperiAndri.Expression.Interactions is a port of Microsoft.Expression.Interactions to the Windows Runtime
This is my useful Windows Runtime library
Framework built on top of xUnit to allow writing inheritance based BDD style tests.
Simple-to-use interface proxying library for C#
Dagmatic Akka
Extensions for the Proxii library to easily hook into NLog
GladBehavior.Tree is a C#/.NET Behavior Tree (BT) implementation that supports generic contexts/agents.