Top 20 NuGet bar Packages

Binding iOS CircleProgressBar
A small C# library to display updatable progress and logs in command line application
Implements calendar, button, checkbox, combobox and track bar for the ToolStrip control. Documentation available at: Issues and bug tracker available at:
This project aims to reimplement the classic menu bar component as a UWP library. Currently the library has the following features: ## Menu Bar The main component is the Menu Bar, which defines a container which can hold Menu Bar buttons, and an optional area which can be used a...
This is a simple console based progress bar which allows for long running tasks to be tracked. The original codebase was created by DanielSWolf and extended by Brad Lindsay.
With this package you can convert units of area, time, electric current, length, pressure, temperature and time.
Web Atoms for Xamarin Forms, Hot Reloading of Live Apps with TypeScript and TSX