Top 20 NuGet bar Packages

A beautiful Progress Bar Layout for Android
Beautiful BottomBar for Android
XCL-Charts is a free charting library for Android platform
Yaap - Yet Another ANSI Progress Bar
Xamarin.Android Binding for Ro0kiey's PercentProgressBar. A beautiful Android ProgressBar with two concepts
Official API client library
Charting Controls for Windows 8.1, ported from the Silverlight Toolkit.
RGraph Class Library to generate data for RGraph charts from DataSet. This library also provides javascript class.
This packages adds multi color segment bar in Xamarin forms.
A Blazor UI component for containing items such as the application title, navigation icon, and action items.
Draw fancy progress bars in Xamarin.Forms application. Powered by SkiaSharp.
A custom progress bar that can show gradiet progress. Build using skiasharp
TitlleBar Control and inner ones - Icon, Title and Buttons
Xamarin Forms SearchBar for implementing Google Places Autocomplete using Google Places API.
Windows Phone 7 control library. Contains: * Cloud Tag List Control (stable) * PieChartControl (unstable) * ColumnChartControl (unstable) * SignalAccuracyControl (stable) * SignalAccuracyRoundContro (stable)
Add code to load application version to title bar
Add code to load application version to title bar
A Menu control for Universal Apps, supports Windows Store & Windows Phone 8.1 apps
Extended Image control for Universal Apps. Added Progress bar to track the download of the image. Two templates for Image loading and Image failure. Works on Windows & Windows Phone 8.1